The Dragon Kingdoms

The Dragon Kingdoms are a group of five kingdoms in the far east of The Old World. They are all united under an emperor called The Jade Dragon. Noone knows who he/she is, but the five kingdoms are loyal to her, united against their common enemies. They are known for their deep traditions, ancient culture and powerful Dragon Riders.


Culturally the dragon kingdoms are similar to China in the 1600s. Their buildings have similar architecture, people wear similar clothes, etc. The kingdoms span a large area, and the culture in one corner can be very different to another.

The people of the kingdoms hold a high value on honor and tradition. Family names are important and telling of a person’s character and station in life. As such, their family names are often said first, and their personal names second.

The Human and the Dragon

The kingdom is comprised of mostly Humans and Dragonborn, and those who live there live under a rigid racial caste system. They live alongside, but not with, the dragons native to the area. Humans outnumber the Dragonborn, but are seen as lesser societally. All other races are non-native to the kingdoms. They hold very little social standing.

The humans have a multitude of influential families and clans, but they all revolve around non-military aspects. Trade, art, craft, agriculture, diplomacy are some of the aspects they oversee. Very very few humans are able to devote their lives to military endeavors, and those who wish that lifestyle often become social outcasts as mercenaries or adventurers. Though, in times of war humans are conscripted to help fill out the ranks of the dragonborn’s army. Those who prove themselves in these engagements may see themselves leading a group of human conscripts, but they have no real option to advance.

The Dragonborn are the military caste of the kingdoms. They train their whole lives to be warriors, battlemages, etc. A dragonborn that wishes to live a life outside this tradition is typically exiled. Most dragonborn focus on a specific fighting style, sword, bow, magic, etc. crossbows and firearms are seen as crude, lacking history/tradition, and better suited for human conscripts.

The Five Dragon Clans

Most dragonborn are born with neutral colored scales, shades of brown or tan primarilly, with subtle colorations. However, there are the few who have the shining metallic scales of the great true dragons. These five clans hold much sway and power within the kingdoms, and the very best of them can one-day hope to become Dragon Riders.


The Huang clan has brass scales, and is located in the kingdoms’ western deserts.


The Jin clan has gold scales, and is located in the kingdoms’ central planes.


The Qing clan has bronze scales, and is located on the kingdoms’ eastern island chains and coast.


The Tong clan has copper scales, and is located in the kingdoms’ southern hills.


The Yin clan has silver scales, and is located in the kingdoms’ northern mountains.

The Dragon Kingdoms

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